Mission of the company group Mobilier.md

This is the advancement of the furniture industry of the Republic of Moldova on professional level.
The Companies Policy is aimed at improving the quality of customer service.
Our goal is to create and distribute the highest quality, which would be standard in every house.
The company’s philosophy - to provide quality products at affordable prices. We don’t agree with the situation prevailing in the market, in which a high quality is only the privilege of the rich. There for we offer branded products at prices that customers with middle income can afford.

We are determined at Mobilier.md to respect the values of our daily activities and namely:

Equity in everything and always

As well with partners and customers, as well as in team.

Professionalism, competence, excellence

Which assume the use of all knowledge and skills in order the company and the client got the maximum acceptable results.

One for all and all for one - teamwork

It implies respect and mutual assistance, which is a major competitive advantage.

Continuous training and improvement

Always in the process of intellectual growth and personal development.